Understand Your Customers

Social WIFI Customer activity

In-depth Analytics

Business owners should benefit from location level marketing and analytics without spending a small fortune on difficult to use tools. Our social CRM provides an extensive understanding of a business’ fan base by analyzing both facebook and location based insights. We at Wavespot at pretty proud of our Social CRM and once you try it I think you’ll understand why.
Wavespot’s simple CRM dashboard can be used to customize every aspect of the WiFi experience as well as plan social media marketing strategies for any business.

Top Influencers

Identify your brand champions on Facebook & Twitter. Our proprietary algorithm highlights your most active fans or as we like to call them, brand champions. Use these analytics to structure your marketing strategy and reward your most influential customers. Social Networks are a perfect place to mingle with your fans, let us help you send out the party invite!

Customer Demographics

Use Wavespot’s CRM to better understand the demographics of your customer base. Start creating targeted marketing campaigns & content that resonates with your customers.

Interact with your Customer

Show your customers targeted youtube videos, polls & deals. The Customer knows best..you know its true. Why not use Wavespot to empower them? Tailored polls are a great way to have your customers motivate customers to engage with your business and wavespot helps you make the process simple and fun. Have a customer help you design a new dish or spread awareness regarding a social cause that your business promotes.

A Customer’s Special Day

Customers love to know that you care about them. Do people come to your business to celebrate their birthday? If so, we got you covered. Whenever someone connects through Wavespot, you can know if today is a special day for them. Make their special day even more memorable by offering them a coupon or deal. Understanding your customers is always the first step in marketing effective marketing strategy and with Wavespot the whole process is simple.

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