The Importance of Branding No matter Your Size

There is no question that branding is extremely important to large corporations, but it is something that many small and medium sized businesses often don’t pay much attention to. This frequently leads to problems because customers have a hard time distinguishing between your brand and your competitors. Branding is more than just your logo; it is everything your customers see, smell, hear, taste and feel regarding your business and its products. This is why great branding is always envisioned and never just “happens”. They are many cogs and gears that go into successful branding. Wavespot and its Private Splash Templates can become a small but powerful one in your overall branding strategy.

The Splash page is a very important part of your brand because it is the first touch point your customers have when they access your WiFi network. It also:

  • Is an optimum location to market your products and ensure maximum visibility among your intended target audience.
  • Tailors the experience of your customers, and influence them in becoming a fan of your Facebook page, or following your Twitter account.
  • Can be used to advertise special deals, and offers, currently running in your establishment, and encouraging your patrons to avail them.

While we have designed literally hundreds of splash templates available for you to use and customize without the need of any technical proficiency, with a little bit of web design knowledge you have the ability create your own “private” template for a truly custom brand fit. In order to discuss what you can do with private templates and what needs to be there, lets dissect a sample page:

Template Overview

Moving from the top of the page down, the features needed for any successful splash page are:



This is where you place your logo, slogan or tagline. This can be uploaded directly to Wavespot from your computer or can be gathered from your connected Facebook Page. Many of our customers prefer the latter as messaging might change on their Facebook, and many will want the same to be automatically updated on their Wavespot Splash page

Facebook Connect, Like and Twitter Follow Buttons:

These buttons need to be prominently placed on your splash page in order for your customers to easily see and be able to connect to your WiFi network.




  • Access Code or Email: 

For those who do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, Wavespot allows you to give them access through either their email address or a rotating access code.


Custom Feed:

Within your private template you have the ability to bring in a custom feed of your choosing. For the example template, we have chosen a feed of the cafe’s latest Facebook Photos. But this can be customized to bring a blog RSS feed or a Twitter feed.


By making sure you follow these simple guidelines, you can be sure that any splash template you create will be engaging, interactive and responsive. Our team is here 24/7 to answer any of your questions regarding this or any related matter, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email!