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Hotel WIFI

Offering WiFi service is now almost a standard amenity in the industry, yet you currently have two options of how you can offer this amenity. You could either offer free WiFi to all of your guests and spend a fortune a month all to get nothing in return or, force guests to pay for WiFi access and lose them to competitors who are willing to eat those costs. We are here to tell you to have another option: Wavespot! Wavespot’s Social C2C Marketing Router is perfect for Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts, Hostels and it is designed to give you the ability to offer free WiFi and earn a return by leveraging Social Media to grow your business. When guests want to access your WiFi network, they are asked to either “like” your brand page on Facebook or “Follow” your brand page on Twitter. This gives you the ability to maintain a relationship with your guests like never before. In addition, you have access to a powerful suite of analytical and promotional tools built into Wavespot such as a Social CRM to track business growth and online presence, custom deal platform to give you the ability to offer social and time specific deals, bandwidth allocation to limit data usage, and even the capability to automatically update your information accurately on the myriad of online review sites. So why give away free WiFi and earn nothing when you can provide free WiFi and watch your business grow!