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Day Spa WIFI

Wavespot’s C2C Social Marketing Router can be a powerful addition to your marketing portfolio. As an owner or manager of a Spa or Massage Parlor, you can grow your business by offering Free WiFi to your customers with the help of Wavespot. When a customer attempts to sign on to your WiFi network, they will be asked to “Like” your page on Facebook or “Follow” your account on Twitter. Not only are you able to target your marketing reach to customers who have visited your location and are familiar with your business and will most likely respond very positively to your marketing messages but by just using your WiFi network, these customers have advertised your business to their entire social graph. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the powerful suite of promotional and analytical to further leverage Social Media in your favor such as Social CRM to track business growth and online presence as well as the ability identify your top influencers, a custom deals platform to give you the ability to offer social and time specific deals to increase word-of-mouth sharing, bandwidth allocation to limit data usage, and even the capability to automatically update your information accurately on the myriad of online review sites. W

e invite you to give Wavespot a try, knowing that your investment is surely to pay for itself within a couple days. Packed up with all these advantages, Wavespot is bound to increase your business, convert footfalls in to loyal customers, and (of course! What really matters is!) increase your ROI!

All you need to do is choose the plan best suited for your business, get it up and running! Wavespot’s comprehensive CRM helps you create appealing offers for your customers, and win them head over heels!