Vegas Baby

Hopped off a plane at LAX, grabbed a convertible and before I knew it I was on the open road. First stop, my favorite lil oasis, Vegas! Where surfing birds go to get away from it all. Las Vegas has long been a nesting ground for my fellow winged creatures, take the Flamingo: Awkward character,…


Spot here, guess what?

I got the eye of the tiger Throughout the ages, my winged ancestors have been great fighters…Uncle Larry the butterfly floated like…well, a butterfly… while aunt Edna stung like a bee. (They have a surprisingly functional relationship.) Now, its my turn to join the ranks of UFC fighters like Chuck Liddell and enter the octagon.…


Pedal to the Metal

I did it I traded in my surfboard for a race car…courtesy of Las Vegas Speedway…Well, its temporary, turns out the State of Nevada doesn’t recognize my license, something about “talking birds are a danger to the public” (my fellow parrots are appalled). Go figure! Well getting back to it, Wavespot Social WiFi is at the…


Nightlife Promotion and Wavespot

I recently stumbled across a survey conducted by the event registration company EventElephant regarding the importance of Facebook as an influencer of attendees’ decisions whether to attend an event or not. Long story short, the results were commandingly positive. This makes sense as nightclubs and music venues have a constantly rotating calendar and attendees need a centralized…


The Benefits of Wavespot for Hotels

According to a recent TravelClick survey, many hotels will begin to integrate booking engines through their Social Media profiles. This seems to be natural evolution from where the hospitality industry is currently, offering up a often one sided booking option through platforms such as Priceline, Hotwire, Orbitz, etc. to a two way conversational approach by integrating…


I Have Arrived

Aloha, Spot the surfin bird here, Mahalo for stopping by for my debut post. For all who don’t know me, I’m a bird, well… a bird on a surfboard…that’s pretty badass.. so they call me Spot, the surfin bird. The nerds here are transcribing this message to you because, well, I’m a bird…I lack those…


Social Media for the Small Business

The vast majority of articles I have read recently regarding small business marketing revolve around Social Media. And when I discuss Social Media with clients they always ask: “Is it important?” “Should I do it?” “How do I know if it is working?” “Where do I even start?” So today I wanted to take some…


Real-time User Management is live now

You asked and we listened. You now have ability to see real-time view of connected users in your Wavespot CRM. As many of our customers continue to grow their network footprint, ability to view connected users for one or a group of Wavespot locations can be important. For retail chains, an aggregate report of connected users…


Pinterest as an Extension of Your Brand

Pinterest has become one of the biggest and fastest growing social networking sites out there. Its easy to use, graphical platform coupled with the seemingly endless supply of new things to look at make it one of those time warp destinations. You know, one of those sites you go on, and the next thing you know…


Nonprofits and Social Media in 2013

In a recent study (and info graphic) published by VerticalResponse, a provider of self-service marketing tools, revealed that more and more nonprofits are investing more time and money in social media to augment their marketing strategies. By conducting a survey of 123 nonprofit organizations that work with VerticalResponse, researchers concluded the following: Non-profits are investing more time…